Manufacturing Progress in Anaheim, California

Most people assume gizmos and gadgets are imported from overseas. While this is often the case, an increasing band of companies, small and large alike, are choosing to manufacture domestic.

Because of ChargeCard's innovatively thin and portable design, we chose to manufacture right here at home so we'd be able to work with our manufacturing partner to ensure that the final product would be true to our original design.

We're manufacturing ChargeCard from the ground up to ensure that it is the world's slimmest USB charging and sync cable.

Below are some images from a recent visit to our partner's manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California. From blueprints to tools and the crew of engineers and machinists that make the magic happen, you can see some of the hands-on benefits of manufacturing on your home turf.


Written by Noah Dentzel — December 11, 2012

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